While many of our competitors will enter your property in the MLS and forget about it, COMFLEX follows a hands-on approach. Our multi-layer marketing strategy keeps your listing alive and provides maximum exposure to potential buyers...while putting more of your hard earned money back into your pocket! We use the power of our team and the power of COMFLEX to propel your listing above the rest. Below is a sampling of what sets us apart from our competition. Schedule an appointment with TEAM BRYANT to learn more details about our strategy secrets.  THERE IS A REASON WHY MORE SMART SELLER'S ARE USING OUR TAILORED SERVICES!



We are different from the competition in the fact that we offer flexible commissions.  If you are paying 5% or higher, you are paying too much.  We offer flexible commissions starting at 1% and leave it up to you what you wish to offer cooperating brokerages.  Typically, most brokerages will offer 2.5% to the cooperating brokerage, but we leave it up to you.  If you wish to offer 0.5 % or 2.5%, it is completely up to you.  Times have changed.  Interview a COMFLEX real estate agent to learn first-hand, what we have to offer!

MLS Listing

We have tested many different narratives and have found just the right formula for writing a narrative that gets the most attention.  Our detailed MLS descriptions have a proven track record of drawing the most attention to your home, condo, or propety!


In addition to the advertising available to COMFLEX agents, we have fine-tuned our advertising campaign to bring your listing the highest possible exposure. We pay for advertising in print, online publications, real estate websites, and social media.  Your home will also be featured in the current HOMES AND LAND MAGAZINE!

Photos & Videos

Visit our FEATURED LISTINGS to see the quality of our listing photos. We use professional quality photos including aerial shots so your home makes an immediate first impression to potential buyers. We also create and promote YOUTUVE video of your home because we have found buyers love videos and will give more attention to listings with videos.

Letters & Postcards

We have had great success with letters and postcards. We target specific addresses and customize the letter or postcard. Ask to see some of our mailers that have resulted in a sale.

Social Media

We have an active social media presence that helps to increase your home’s exposure. If you like social media, we can provide you with material to share with your circle of friends and family to increase the exposure even more.

Ways We Reach Out-of-State and International Buyers

The power of Remax is the key. Our listings are promoted worldwide. Plus, our website and social media helps share your home with out-of-state buyers.

Networking & Current Buyers

We have developed a network of contacts and buyers who rely on us to watch the market for exceptional homes. As soon as we get a listing, we reach out to our network and begin the search for a buyer.


We use the latest technology whenever possible to make the process as easy for you as possible.
  • We use an online showing service that makes your home easy to show. We have learned that a home that is easy to show will get more showings.

  • We use software that allows contracts to be signed and delivered online in seconds. This eliminates wasting time with paper contracts.

  • We use programs that automatically broadcast your listing to thousands of viewers.

Promotion to Other Realtors/Brokers

We have several ways to inform other Realtors about your home. This increases the chance the Realtors will recommend your home to their clients. We participate in extensive broker reciprocity.


We have negotiated hundreds of successful transactions. With all this experience, we have learned numerous strategies for helping buyers and sellers achieve the best price.

Problem Resolution

We do our best to anticipate and avoid problems, but sometimes challenges happen. When issues happen with appraisals, inspection, insurance, or other events, we are quick to take action and our contacts and experience give us an advantage that allows us to resolve most issues before they become deal breakers.   

Times have changed.  If you are paying 5% or higher to sell your home, you are paying too much.  We have a proven track record of saving our clients more.  Your home or condo is most likely, your biggest investment.  You should expect more from your agent.  With COMFLEX you will get more and you will save more.  Do you have real estate questions?  Are you looking for a second opinion?  We look forward to interviewing for the position as your real estate representative.  Contact us today!  Bryant@comflex.ca